First, it will be necessary to check through the token manager (to confirm that the card contains the certificates that have been generated) and on the certificate management website that the certificate is correctly generated. See FAQ: How to check if a certificate is correctly issued .

If so, this error can be caused by a problem with microcuts on the web page or because the update of the Database has not been allowed to finish. So that it does not appear at the time of generation.

– If the certificate generated on the card chip or issued in the management application does not appear. You will need to find the approved request from the approver application and delete it.

They can then start the process again, requesting the certificate again.

– If the certificate appears issued in the management application, the certificate must be revoked, through the EACAT.

Once the certificate is revoked, the whole process must be started again: Application through EACAT, approval and generation of the certificate.

The approver's request must be deleted beforehand.