The cost of the cards is determined by the requirements of the entity in terms of their personalization.

Also, the cards can be generic (the minimum order will be 50 cards), personalized by the Registration Entity (the order of the cards with the personalized design will be made directly from the Registration Entity itself with the supplier). T-CAT card personalization service guide).

You can check the prices of the generic cards and the sets of materials corresponding to each of the types mentioned in this link .

In the case of the County Councils and Provincial Councils, the cost of the consumable material will not be invoiced and, for the town councils, the prices will be indicated in the rates.

In the case of the County Councils, the certificates issued for themselves will not be invoiced, those of the final bodies if the certificates will be invoiced at the prices approved by the AOC Consortium.

In the case of custom T-CATs, the cost of the license will be charged. Please note that the cost of the personalized cards will be borne by the entity and that the prices listed in the T-CAT card personalization service guide will apply.