Given the changes incorporated in the procedures corresponding to the requests of the T-CAT, from now on, when the application for a certificate in charge is for a secretary, secretary-auditor , auditor or treasurer , it will be necessary to The application is accompanied by the document accrediting his appointment by the body legally competent to carry it out, or the document of taking office or cessation which will accredit the date on which it is actually exercised or ceases to hold the position for which the issuance of the T-CAT is requested.

This document must be added at the time the application is made by EACAT or sent by e-mail or physically in the event that the application cannot be made through the usual channel.

If a charge certificate is requested by any of these nominees and the required document is not attached, the certificate request will not follow the process and will be canceled.

In accordance with current local regulations, these jobs may be filled on a permanent basis (competition and free appointment) or in the alternative through temporary appointments, accumulations, service commissions and accidental or temporary appointments.

With regard to the final appointments, it should be borne in mind that the normal system of provision is that of merit competition (ordinary and unitary, in this system of provision the award of positions is published in the BOE, and also in the DOGC regarding the competition ordinary) and exceptionally by the system of free designation (in which the adjudication of the summoned places publishes in the BOE).

With regard to other appointments: provisional, accumulations, service commissions and accidental or temporary appointments, the resolution of these appointments corresponds exclusively to the General Directorate of Local Administration.

It should be noted that accidental appointments, prior to the entry into force of Decree 195/2008, of 7 October, which regulates certain aspects of the legal regime of state-qualified civil servants of the local entities of Catalonia, that is to say, prior to 10/10/2008, they could be carried out by the presidents of the local corporations by Decree or Resolution, in accordance with article 33 of the RD 1732/1994, of 29 July, on provision of places of work reserved for local government officials with national qualifications.

In view of the above, it is concluded that the documents that may be accepted by the Digital Certificate Registration Entities as accrediting the appointments are the following:

NOTE: Charged T-CAT or T-CAT P applications may not contain more than one request in each EACAT application, they must be requested individually one by one.