No. The T-CAT Registration Entities provide the digital certification service to both the entity itself and other entities that in some way depend on or belong to its territorial or sphere of influence and are part of the Catalan public sector and its related bodies.

For example, in the case of;

- Provincial Councils or County Councils: the potential recipients would be all those local bodies assigned to the territorial area corresponding to the Provincial Council or County Council.

Proximity will always be taken so that, in the event of an overlap between county councils and provincial councils, the county council will provide the service to the applicant body.

- Town halls: the potential bodies to which the city council would offer this service would be autonomous bodies, municipal companies, trusts, etc.

However, the bodies to which a T-CAT Registration Entity can issue certificates are already predefined. In other words, when they enter EACAT, they will go directly to the corresponding T-CAT Registration Entity. In the event that they have to request them, they will also see a leaflet with the bodies to which they can issue certificates.