When the T-CAT Registration Entity receives a request for a certificate with a charge, where it indicates as a charge a secretary secretary-controller, comptroller or either provisionally appointed, the service commission, the accumulation , the accidental appointment and the interim appointment, you will need to attach the BOE, DOGC or appointment document of this certificate holder.

As an ER T-CAT you will need to:

- Verify by entering the EACAT REGISTER section that the document has been entered in the application ( search for settlements ).

– Check that the data included in the certificate correspond to the person who has been appointed. Consult the guide relating to requests for certificates with charge .

– If all the data is correct you must go ahead with the application, in the event that:

  • The appointment document is missing
  • The data does not match
  • Or there is some disagreement

The request for the certificate will not follow its standard process and the request will be deleted, having previously informed the body and indicating that information was missing.