The T-CAT Certificate of Representative is an electronic certificate of representative before high-level AAPPs, which appears in the Catalog of certificates issued by the AOC Consortium since its adaptation to the eIDAS regulations.

This will always be requested accompanied by a PDF file certifying the appointment of the representative . The document must be a publication of the official newspaper or bulletin, a notarial document, etc., since throughout the articulation of Law 6/2020, of November 11, regulating certain aspects of electronic services of trust , it is stipulated that the accreditation of the representation (within the framework of the recognized certificates) must be carried out by means of a document - public if required - that reliably accredits the powers of the signatory to act on behalf of the 'entity, and/or the registration data if there is a registration of the representation in a public register.

In the event that it is not possible to request through EACAT, it may be requested by post or by e-mail, the duly completed and signed request must be sent together with the certificate attesting to the representation using the instructions of the option 2 of Option 2 that you will find in Request the service on the page "The digital certificate of Catalan public employees ".

The delivery period for this certificate will be a maximum of 20 working days . If you opt for the urgent service, the deadline will be 4 working days and is limited to five requests per week. Urgency will only apply to renewals or in case of loss, theft, etc.

Requirements to justify the request for the representative certificate:

1.- What specific regulatory requirements must accompany the request for a certificate of natural person representing a legal person or entity without legal personality?

  • Public document certifying the representation.
  • Registration data, where applicable, in public register.
  • In the case of a public position, professional college or qualification, provision of an official document attesting to this.
  • Identification of authorized person and proxy.

We also attach the report with the references to these requirements in the regulations.

2.- Who can apply for a Representative T-CAT?

It can be held by the positions that, in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to their organization, are attributed the legal or voluntary representation of the entity. For example:

  • Town councils: Mayor/Mayor (no, municipal secretaries).
  • Provincial Councils, Regional Councils: President.
  • Other entities of the public sector of Catalonia: according to what is established by the specific regulatory regulations and/or the statutes of the entity.

It is also possible to delegate the powers in favor of other organs of the body. To obtain the TCAT of Representative, the delegation must be documented (for example, with a resolution) and the subsequent publication in the official bulletins or the mechanism provided for in the Statutes. We put at your disposal a resolution model, for optional use.

This is very important because the Representative's T-CAT is a certificate of maximums , which from a technical point of view does not "interpret" the competences of the person who uses it/its holder.

In other words, whoever has this Representative T-CAT can use it before any Administration and for all administrative actions without restrictions. It is your responsibility to use it correctly and in accordance with the functions assigned/recognized.