1. What is it?

The pseudonym T-CAT is a high-level pseudonymous public employee certificate from the AOC Consortium Certificate Catalog , specific for cases where the holder's data cannot be displayed.

The personal and identification data ( name, surname, ID ) do not appear in the certificate, as they are replaced by the pseudonym indicated.

For this reason, the potential holders of the pseudonym T-CAT are the people who, within their organization, already have a regulated pseudonym: prison officials, Mossos d'Esquadra, etc.

2. When can a pseudonym be used?

The identity of the person acting must be protected when there are reasons for:

  • Public safety
  • Classified information
  • national defense
  • Other actions where anonymity is legally justified for the performance of the actions

In addition, the AOC only reveals the identity of the person when required by the judicial bodies and other public authorities in the exercise of the assigned functions.

NOTE : the legal regime of classified information is regulated by Law 9/1968, of April 5, on official secrets and Decree 242/1969, of February 20, which develops it

3. How should a pseudonym be?

The pseudonym is always provided by the Administration , as stipulated. May be:

  • Professional identification number (NIP), only when the NIP is not related to personal data, such as the DNI.
  • Alternatively, other indicators.

4. How can I apply for the pseudonym T-CAT?

You can request the pseudonym T-CAT via EACAT through the form available to you in the procedures section of EACAT >Consortium AOC>Digital Certification Service

Specifically the option “ T-CAT: Request and renewal of pseudonym or representative certificates

Note: In this section you will also find requests for other certificates from the Certificate Catalog

Next, download the pdf and fill in the information given in the application, once you have filled in all the information, sign the application and send it.

You must take into account that the form allows you to make multiple requests at the same time by clicking on the (+) option

Regarding the information in the application, it is advisable to indicate the organic unit to which the person holding the certificate belongs, as it facilitates the justification of the need to use the pseudonym.

5. What requirements must the pseudonym T-CAT request meet?

  • Justification of the request : indicate the reason why you are requesting the certificate with a pseudonym
    • Use for public safety
    • Use for classified information
    • Use for defense
    • Other actions in which anonymity is legally justified. Indicate in this case, the precept and the legal norm. For example, the art. 45.4 of Law 12/2007, of 11 October, on social services
  • Indication of the employee's pseudonym: according to section 3. How should a pseudonym be?
  • Provide an email : all certificates in the Certificate Catalog incorporate an email (required information). In the case of the pseudonym T-CAT, and in order not to contravene the purpose of the certificate itself, it is recommended that the email you provide avoid the use of combinations of the person's first and last name ; it can be configured from the workplace and/or the NIP (example: agentT1111@policialocal.cat ).
  • Provide documentation that proves the identity of the signatory.
  • In your case, provide the previous report of the transversal body competent in matters of promotion of the Digital Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia (provided in art. 53.3 of Decree 76/2020, of August 4 , of digital administration).

We also attach the report with the references of these requirements to the regulations .

6. When will the pseudonym T-CAT be issued?

When we receive your request, the AOC will issue these certificates after assessing the legal accreditation of the pseudonym you indicated in the application .

The delivery period for the pseudonym T-CAT is:

  • Ordinary service : maximum of 20 working days
  • Urgent service : 4 working days, limited to 5 requests per group per week. In addition, the urgency only applies to renewals or in case of loss, theft, etc.

After the issue, the AOC will charge the corresponding amount, in application of the current Public Prices of the Digital Certification Service .